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Baptism     Bautismo


Parents and God Parents’ Baptism Classes are: 

Monday, September 24, Spanish Baptism Class 7pm, Parish Hall

These classes must be completed before your child can be baptized at Immaculate Conception C. or  St. Catherines’.

Before Father Jorge will set a date for yours child’s Baptism,he must have the following papers in the office:
Original Birth Certificate
Completed Baptism Registration Forms
Proof of Baptism Classes taken by Parents & God Parents.

If the Parents are not married in the Catholic Church, the God Parents must present a Catholic Marriage Certificate if they are living together.
If outside our Immaculate Conception Parish, a Permission Letter from your Priest must be provided.
11am Fridays or Saturdays are the time for Baptisms.
Thank you

 baptism english-spanish application

Importante Informacion

Antes de apartar la fecha para su próximo bautismo en la parroquia, usted debe completar los siguientes documentos en la oficina de la parroquia.

baptism english-spanish application


Catholic High School Senior who is a member of Immaculate Conception Parish, Buhl ID.
Student will attend college “FULL TIME” in the Fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020

Student will attend college at a Vocational Trade School, Junior College or 4-year University. Religious College must be a Catholic College only. No other “religious” institution, besides a Catholic College, will be considered for this scholarship. Special circumstances will be left up to the discretion of the scholarship committee.
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Survey regarding Which class time would be most convenient for your family:


Religious Education Registration/ Registro Para Educacion Religiosa



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